Drop Off & Collection

What should I do when dropping of my child?

Please park in the main (South) school car park, keeping your children close to you at all times.

Please bring your child into the Nursery. There will be a box to put your book bags in. If you have any medication to bring in, or any information to pass on, then please see Emily Tier, Nursery Manager. If you would like to have a longer chat, then please do ask for a suitable time to be arranged at the end of the day.

There is a board for parents in the cloakroom where any relevant information from staff or the main school will be placed. If parents would like to put up a notice for others to see please use this board.

What should I do when collecting my child?

Parents/Guardians collecting children from the Nursery should wait by the Cloakroom door. If you or your assigned person is not going to be collecting your child, a member of staff will have asked you to fill in the collection book. If it is arranged while your child is at the Nursery, please phone the school office (01825 790347) and give a password for the person picking up.

Remember to collect coat/wellies and clothes bag (although these can stay at nursery if you want) and your child’s book bag.

Check the notice board to see what activities/events are coming up and also to check the board to see what the children have been doing that day and what they have had to eat at snack/lunch time.

Please note that the Parent/Guardian is responsible for the welfare of the child once they leave the nursery building and whilst going to the car.

Please keep hold of your children in the car park….the cars are very big and your children are very small!

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