Headmaster’s Welcome

Welcome to Cumnor House Sussex.

At Cumnor House we seek to educate children in the fullest sense. We aim for academic excellence,  certainly. Indeed, we expect our children to set themselves high standards in everything they undertake.

But there is so much more. We are privileged, through our excellent facilities, to be able to expose them to a wealth of opportunities that will allow them to discover their talents and tastes. They will form friendships and begin to understand the intricacies of human relationships. And they will make mistakes and learn from them in a secure and supportive environment.

We aim to do well for many different kinds of children, so that all will be encouraged to develop to the limit of their potential; and we believe that this cannot be achieved unless they feel happy and secure in a friendly and supportive environment. Our teachers are interested not just in the teaching of their own subjects but in the overall development of their pupils, and this intimate concern is made possible by the size of the school and of the classes. Our set of guiding Cumnor House principles guides our community.

We appreciate and encourage individuality, and are anxious not to turn out a type; we try to give equal praise and equal opportunity for every sort of achievement, whether academic, sporting, musical, artistic, dramatic or any other, so that all the children can achieve success and self-respect and learn to aim for excellence.

In general we set the greatest store on the achievement of happy relations among the staff, between adults and children, and between the children themselves, feeling that most other good things spring from it. During their time at Cumnor, we want to help children learn the invaluable lessons of community life: unselfishness, courage, thoughtfulness, and the good manners that they produce. We want them to be able to think for themselves, and to set themselves high standards in everything they do.

I look forward to welcoming you to our next Open Day, or invite you to arrange a visit.

Christian Heinrich

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