Why choose Cumnor?

The abiding purpose of Cumnor is to provide the highest quality education for young children of up to 13 years of age in a co-educational environment with as broad and as deep an education as possible. The stimulation of contrasting nature (Maths followed by Swimming, followed by Music then Science) leads to greater enjoyment, greater flexibility and the potential to manage a longer day at prep school level than the 9 to 3 of a maintained sector school.

Happiness and security for a child, as a result of being known and being nurtured as opposed to being a school pupil who is tested and stressed and measured with relentless frequency, is paramount. One of the many advantages of carrying children through to 13+ is the ability to stretch childhood across a slightly extended canvas. There can be some time to spare, some time to experiment, some time indeed to stand and stare, before exams increase the work load between 11 and 13. Another important aspect of this period of time is offering the option to each child to board. On the one hand this forms part of their individual development as independent young people, and on the other it keeps so many more school avenues open; indeed, it maintains Cumnor with an exit list of 20+ schools each year. In this we are unusual.

We hope the Cumnor motto of ‘Aim High, Be Kind and Dare to be Different’ is telling us to seek the best in and for each individual child, both in their education here and hereafter; to reinforce as the core of all Cumnor life the virtues of treating others as you would want to be treated; and, in daring to be different, the school is reminding itself to treat each child with whatever degree of differentiation is appropriate rather than placing an institutional straitjacket on the child and saying ‘This is what Cumnor does’; it is the place for a balanced, broad, happy education without sacrifice to achievement.

My final snippet of Cumnor philosophy might appear glib but I offer it nonetheless. At Cumnor children come first; all other constituencies are joint second.


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