Our Principles

Cumnor House Principles

(these should be viewed through the overarching prism of “Aim High, Be Kind and Dare to be Different’)

  • The happiness and well-being of each child is of paramount importance. In all decision-making, the impact upon children is considered first.
  • We are ambitious for every child in our care.
  • We aim to be sympathetic, empathetic and professional in our relationships with children, staff and parents.
  • Cumnor is non-selective and both embraces and supports a diversity of interest, ability, background and outcome.
  • We seek to communicate clearly and without favour.
  • We act in partnership with other school communities – both state and independent
  • We keep in mind our local community as well as wider environmental issues and encourage children in similar thinking.
  • We seek to develop ourselves as a staff through appraisal and CPD.
  • Children are offered a fully rounded education within a community that values the concept of childhood.
  • Old Cumnorians are seen as a valued part of our community.
  • We embrace both change and tradition in turn where either benefits our principles.
  • We aim for the highest standards of professional performance and behaviour supported by these principles.

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