Nursery Fees

Nursery Admissions and Fees Policy from September 2017

The Nursery at Cumnor House School is available for ‘rising three’ children who must have reached their third birthday before the end of their first term.  It is aimed at children who will join Reception in due course and will operate the same term dates as the Pre-Prep.  There are a limited number of places and these will be allocated in priority order:

  • Those who opt for full days and are joining the Pre-Prep School
  • Those who opt for full days and have older siblings in the School
  • Those who book for 5 full days a week
  • Those who book full days
  • Those who book half days

Further details are contained in the Nursery Registration form.

To enable planning, sessions must be pre-booked in advance before the beginning of term.  It is also possible to book additional one-off sessions if there is space available.  Any additional sessions will then be added to your end-of-term fees.  It is not however possible to swap sessions in case of non-attendance.

Sessions in the Nursery are available as follows:


Mornings only                         08:15 – 11:30

Mornings including lunch       08:15 – 12:20

Afternoons including lunch    11:30 – 15:00

Afternoons only                      12:30 – 15:00

Full day including lunch         08:15 – 15:00

 (Free entitlement                    12.00 – 15.00)

Classrooms are open from 08:00 onwards.



The afternoon from 12.00-15.00 is designated as the ‘free entitlement’ hours and that period of the day is, therefore, free to parents of children who are eligible for this funding. This funding is currently up to a limit of fifteen hours over five days in any one week during term time.  Only one ‘free entitlement’ period is accepted per day per child.  All the above is subject to the availability of places in accordance with the above priority list.

The detailed terms and conditions of the free entitlement are set out in material published from time to time by the Family Information Service of West Sussex County Council, and up to date information can be obtained from their website.

In order to apply for this free entitlement, you must complete the enclosed Parent Declaration Form and return to the Bursary as soon as possible.


Nursery Fees


From the start of the Autumn Term 2017, the nursery charge is as follows:

Full Day with lunch                                  Whole Term                      After Free Entitlement

5 full days                                           £2,600                                     £1,850

4 full days                                           £2,080                                     £1,480

3 full days                                           £1,560                                     £1,110

2 full days                                           £1,040                                     £   740


Morning Session with lunch                     Whole Term

5 mornings                                          £1,660

4 mornings                                          £1,350

3 mornings                                          £1,040

2 mornings                                          £   680


Morning Session without lunch                Whole Term

5 mornings                                          £1,040

4 mornings                                          £   855

3 mornings                                          £   670

2 mornings                                          £   430


Per day charges for additional ‘one-off’ sessions are:

Full day with lunch                                         £55

Morning session with lunch                            £35

Morning session without lunch                       £25

Afternoon session with lunch                         £30

Afternoon session without lunch                    £20


This fee covers all charges, such as personal accident insurance, play equipment and stationery.  Fees are to be paid in advance at the start of term.  Additional days will be charged at the day rate in arrears at the end of term along with any additional expenses incurred.

Please note that the school reserves the right to change its fees and policy annually and in accordance with any changes in government policy or funding.

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