OC Updates 2010

We were delighted to see the following Old Cumnorians who attended Cumnorian Society Day this year on Sunday 4th July:


Chris Baird, Duncan Baird, Natasha Baird, Charlotte Bloomer, Callum Boyland, Hal Briggs, Hugo Briggs, Tim Brocklehurst, Will Buchanan, Jack Clancy, Leo Clayton, Matilda Coke, Laura Coleman, Max Coleman, Toby Creamer, Saskia de Coverly Veale, Mark Dickens, Ollie Dickens, Alastair Edgell, Jasper Elwes, David Goddard, Peony Grainger, Roddy Gye, Laura Harding, Charlie Harris, Sophie Hatrick, Alice Heinrich, Jamie Heinrich, Kate Heinrich, Olivia Hervey, Tom Hicks, Toby Illingworth, Jack Jenkins, Henry Kavanagh, Robert Lloyd, Ruby Lloyd, James McIntosh, Nick Milner-Gulland, Flora Mockridge, Matt Mockridge, Edward Mole, Piers O’Conor, Olivia Orssten, Clare Parkhouse, Emma Parkhouse, James Parkhouse, Tom Parkhouse, Clare Prower, Ben Pullan, Andrew Rose, Abi Schade, George Shaw, Harley Sherlock, Sarah Jane Sherlock, Natasha Smith-Langridge, Rosie Smith-Langridge, Poppy St John, Hugo Stewart-Roberts, Patrick Thompson, Ollie Thornton, Sebastian van Holthe, George Wagenmann, Emma Welby, Katie Welch, Patrick Wigan, Natty Wilby, Rufus Wilkinson.


Mishka Adams spent a day at the school in March teaching the children how to perform her style of gospel and jazz singing. Robert is a doctor. Guy Barton is living in the Western Highlands and working in a boatyard which gives him the opportunity to do a lot of sailing. Rupert works for Bloomberg in the City and has recently become engaged (see Engagements). Leonora has studied at the Academy of Acting in New York and is now performing in both films and theatre. Sophie works for Yahoo and is living in London. Henry Britton was keeper of Lawn Tennis at Eton. His team won the Independent Schools League Trophy (16 school tournament) for the second year running. Tim Brocklehurst captained the Old Cumnorian cricket team on Cumnoriann Society Day, his first appearance on the hallowed turf since 1979. Rory Campbell writes “I now live in Lisbon with my Portugese wife Joana whom I met at Business School in France. We were married in Venice with Patrick Wigan and Harry Pike attending as Best Men. We have bought a house and I have passed my yacht skipper exam. The undercarriage is down for a soft landing into middle age!”  James Champness is at BPP Law School in London with Alex Ohlson and Bridget Emanuel. He is also involved in T.A. activities with the Honourable Artillery Company.  After one year’s involvement in investor relations, Sophie Close-Smith has just started Law School. Charlotte Cornes has been working with children, students, mums, toddlers and elderly people in a one year church apprenticeship at Holy Trinity, Lyonsdown in Barnet. Eleanor is enjoying new friends at Sevenoaks. Tamar Crane has produced a film, “The Experimental Witch”, based on Paul Coelho’s book “Witch of Portobello”. The film had its premier at the Rome Film Festival last year. Toby Creamer graduated from Reading with a 2.1 in Land Management. Abigail Crosby (now Merrick) is married to Jeremy. They have one daughter, Megan, and run a bed and breakfast in Tregony, Cornwall. Nicko Dalton and his family have moved from Scotland to Dorset. Richard Dibley and his family have moved to central Scotland to further advance his career in wind farm development. Ollie Dickens played for the top teams in rugby, hockey and cricket at Tonbridge and was one of the school’s leading drama performers. He was head of the Anti-Bullying Council and was heavily involved in the school Charity Committee. Rebecca Dillon-Robinson is at Newcastle reading Architecture. During her gap year, she took part in the Lychee Scheme with Dynamic Adventures which involved a lot of travelling, working with people of all different ages and from many different backgrounds. Sam Downe started at Pinewood, Wiltshire, this September as Head of Maths. Daisy is moving to London where she works as Project Manager in Corporate Merchandising. Alistair Edgell is doing a four year course at Sheffield studying Russian and German. He has spent five months working in Hanover and, from February to June this year, he participated in a one semester course at the State University of St Petersburg studying Russian. He also went on a three week holiday to Russia with Toby Aisbitt. Angus has completed his first year at Newcastle studying History and Politics.   Ian Edwards is self-employed, mainly working with computers and takes regular holidays in Islay and the U.S.A. Sarah Fishwick (nee Reardon) continues to work on global education in schools for the Ripon and Leeds and Bradford dioceses. She was busy on special projects in the run-up to the UN summit on climate change at Copenhagen. Sam Gent (nee Brind) lives with her husband David in New Zealand. They have two sons, Tane, who is seventeen and plays football for his country, and Nemo, who is thirteen and achieved a rugby scholarship to High School. She has, over the past four years, started and run New Zealand’s most exclusive golf course, The Hills Golf Club, which is also the home of the New Zealand Open. Piers Gibbon has been presenting TV documentaries (and narrating hundreds of them for years now). Headshrinkers of the Amazon  did very well indeed on NatGeo in America and is available to watch on Channel 5’s website. It got spoofed on the Jay Leno show. More recently he has been presenting another TV programme, “Cannibals of the Pacific”. Louise Guillet (nee Bradley) is teaching full time at a large diocesan school in Meaux, France. She teaches English language and civilisation, at secondary level in the international department, and has been asked to set up a primary section within the department, opening in 2011. She shares an enthusiasm for riding with her daughter Caroline, thirteen years old, and also has a son Vincent, eleven years old. Rebecca Hall recently starred in the film “Please Give”. Charlie Harris was top scorer for the Bantams ‘A’ XV at Tonbridge and he broke the school age group record in the hurdles. Alex Houghton and his wife, Alexandra, moved to London to work for Deloitte in June. Eloise Irving played Princess Jasmine in professional productions of “Aladdin”. Based in Manchester, she sang “Silent Night” to a crowd of about ten thousand at the turning on of the 2009 Christmas lights. She spent a month as a harpist/singer on a cruise ship and performed as a soloist in Haydn’s Creation and Mozart’s Requiem. She has become an “ad hoc” member of the BBC Singers and the chamber choir, Polyphony, as well as being one of the solo voices on a new CD from Classic FM entitled “Enchanted Carols” (see photo on website). Charlie graduated from the University of Bath with a 2:1 degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is now working for Renishaw on the medical research side and is living in Bristol. Henryhas just completed his second year at Nottingham reading History. He is really enjoying his sport and cooking exotic meals. Bethany completed an art foundation course at City College, Brighton and Hove, before moving on to read Fine Art at university. Dulcie has been awarded a Music Exhibition to study in the Sixth Form at Sevenoaks. Sophie Jakobson (nee Crosthwaite) is currently living in New York, where she moved three years ago from Paris. She has just had a baby girl (see births). Ollie Crosthwaite has now taken over running the family classic car restoration business and is getting married in Sussex this October. Lucy is enjoying life in London and working in Chelsea and is about to take a three month sabbatical to rally across Europe.  Andrew Kieft (1951-56), having read the magazine, wrote to say how few outings they used to have in his day compared to now. He also observed that the school orchestra is now almost as large as the entire school in his day. Camilla Kingsland (nee Campbell) has been appointed head of Channel 4 Drama. Max Leonard is now the head chef at The Cat, West Hoathly. Tom Kirby spent six weeks in July working in the community on the island of Iona. He has completed a PGCE in Religious Education at Oxford Brookes and has just taken up the post of RS teacher at Berkhamsted School. Carrie Lightfoot-Brown left Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School in 2006 and graduated from Exeter in 2009 having studied Economics. During this time, she completed internships with Hansard Communications and Penrose Financial. She has enjoyed two periods of work at the Peligoni Club, water-sports, in Greece. After returning in October from six months’ travelling she is working for Kleinwort Benson.  Daniel Lucas is now living in Hove and runs his own company. Rachel Macgregor is working at L’Oreal in Paris. Ali is at Sandhurst. Chris has just completed his last year of engineering at Cambridge and James has just finished his second year of history at Warwick. Bill Maslen continues to be very active in the world of am. dram. with roles including Fagin and Bob Cratchet. He has also been much in demand on the conference scene with two trips to Germany to give papers. Ione Meyer is teaching English to teenagers in a school in Houston, Texas. She has a daughter of nine who is bilingual in English and Chinese, and has just published a book on Chinese Opera. Edward Mole has been made Head Boy at Charterhouse. Richard Morpeth is on work experience at HMV. Duncan is applying for traineeships having come down from Leeds where he read English. Catherine spent her gap year travelling around New Zealand, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and India. During this time, she did charity work, a sky dive and tubing. She is now at University of East Anglia reading American and English Literature. James has just finished at King’s Canterbury. Lachlan Nieboer acted in the National Theatre’s production of Rattigan’s “After the Dance”. Olivia Orssten has represented Benenden in Rounders, Hockey, Netball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Swimming, and Show Jumping. She is really enjoying her new school and keeps in touch with old and new friends on facebook. Robert Pavey is head of modern languages at Lancing. Emma Pinkerton is married to George Bonello and is working in London as a solicitor. They have two children, four year old Caleb and eighteen month old Leyla. Malcolm is working in London as a business analyst. Eleanor has a three year old son, Ruben, and a baby daughter (see Births).  Stephanie Poyntz is reading medicine at Leeds. Edmund Price is a managing director in the corporate finance area of Macquarie in Hong Kong. Henry has been Housemaster of Sheriff House, Rugby for three years. He is married with three children, Poppie, Wilfie and Bertie. John Reardon continues to work at the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton. Abi Schade is in her fourth year at Oxford Brookes studying French and Spanish. She spent her second year living in Paris working for Sotheby’s and spent over a month studying Spanish in Uruguay at the beginning of this year. Joceline Sharman has been made Deputy Head of School at Lancing College. Mark Tanous lived in Sydney, Australia, from 1994 to 2008 before relocating back to the UK to run a health food business in Guildford. He gave up Chartered Surveying in 2001 and attended Cranfield School of Management in 2002/03. He married Rebecca in December 2007 at a vineyard in the Hunter Valley and they have a son, Hugo, two years old, and a daughter, Jessica (see Births). He is still playing cricket. Gavin and Liz Tasker continue to run their cattery and Gavin does a lot of singing. He is Senior Laboratory Technician at Westonbirt School where two of his Common Room comrades are Chris Cheadle and Louise Pavey. Lucinda Turnbull (nee Goldsmith) and her husband, Luke, have been living in Redditch for eight years. They have two children, Hannah, seven, and Joseph, three. She is a volunteer in Hannah’s school, runs a toddler group, is treasurer of Joseph’s pre-school, teaches ante-natal classes and is vice-chairman of the Worcestershire Maternity Services Forum. William Wallis is the Financial Times’ Africa editor and lives in Lewes with his wife and two children.  Alistair Ward is at the Peninsular Medical School in the West Country where he can windsurf, sail and surf. He has been a sailing instructor at Rockley Point in Dorset and for Neilson Holidays in Greece. Tom spent a year at a school in Adelaide before taking up his place at Birmingham to read theology. His travels took him to Hong Kong and New Zealand. Freddie Willatt is thriving at Bedales and making rapid strides ahead with his trombone and saxophone playing, performing in the symphony orchestra and concert band. In July he went on a concert tour of Tuscany and Umbria. Lydia Williams has left Eastbourne and is on a gap year. Alex graduated from Manchester with a 2:1 in History of Art. He is going to Sotheby’s Institute of New York to do an MA in Art Business. After completing a philosophy degree at Leeds, Eppie Windsor-Clive spent some time in Mexico City doing up a large hacienda and practising her Spanish with a view to moving to Spain.


Births, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths


We are delighted to record the following births:


to Sudie and Olli Cunningham, a son, Niklas Levon, (15.11.09)

to Alix and Alex Reynolds, a son, Henry, Hunter, Churton, (21.9.09)

to Ruth (nee Edwards) and James Dickinson, a daughter, Eliza (2.5.09), a sister for Arthur

to Beryl and Edmund Price, a daughter Nicola, Yun-Qi (19.8.09)

to Holly and Dickon Maxwell-Gumbleton, a son, Hal (3.2.10)

to Eleanor Pinkerton and Simon Keyes, a daughter, Lucia (23.1.10)

to Leila (nee Williams) and Matt Adams, a daughter, Peony Arabella (11.5.10)

to Sophie (nee Crosthwaite) and Alex Jakobson, a daughter, Flora Asta (13.8.09)

to Rosie and James Crane, a daughter, Coco (2.6.10)

to Rebecca and Mark Tanous, a daughter, Jessica (18.6.10)

to Nicola and Richard Dibley, a daughter, Eliza, Lucy, May (28.8.10)

to Catherine (nee Armstrong) and Richard Hart, a son, Jack Edward (26.1.10)

to Caroline (nee Ashby) and Michael Wade-Smith, a daughter, Isabelle Grace (10.9.10)


We also congratulate the following on their engagement:


Clara Hamer to Oliver Batham (27.11.09)

Tom Shelford to Emma Gibbs (12.11.09)

Grace Boswood to Alan Karthikesalingam (28.7.10)

Rupert Barton to Anouska Perera  (30.8.10)


And the following on their marriage:


Arabella Allcock to William Laxton (3.10.09)

Tom Shelford to Emma Gibbs (7.8.10)

Julie Enticknap to Richard Lesley (30.7.10)


We were very sorry to hear of the following deaths:


Janet Brodie Weir, mother of Fiona Dibley and grandmother of Fiona-Jane and Richard (15.4.09)

Joy Earle, wife of Bob and mother of Dominic (7.3.10)

Richard Walker, father of Bruce, Graeme and Ian (30.8.09)

Edward Faridany, father of Francesca and Lucy (31.1.10)

Donald Rees, OBE, father of Richard, Nicholas, David, Peter, Paul and Philip (18.4.10)

Peter Harry Broughton, father of Sheena (14.3.10)

Pamela Tulk-Hart, mother of Jeremy (24.6.10)

Helen Parkhouse, wife of Nick and mother of Emma, James, Thomas and Clare (29.6.10)


Peter Wigan

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