OC Updates 2011

We were delighted to see the following Old Cumnorians who attended Cumnorian Society day on Sunday 3rd July:

Andy Anderson, Phoebe Belli, Tom Belli, Charlotte Bloomer, Chris Bowden, Arthur Briggs, Henry Brown, Patrick Brown, Dan Bulman, Billy Charlesworth, Harriet Charlesworth, Jo Charlesworth, Freddie Chetwood, Gerald Clapp, Matilda Coke, Hugh Cornes, William Cowley, Mihai Cucos, Stefan Cucos, Lara Curtis, Ruby Dawes, Mark Dickens, Freya Dingemans, Phoebe Dingemans, Henry Duff, Jasper Elwes, Sam Elwes, Iona Engel, George Evans-Thomas, Buffy Furness-Smith, James Gairdner, Anna Giesler, Will Giesler, Alastair Gourlay, Oli Hancock, Rakin Haque, Laura Harding, Georgie Heinrich, Jamie Heinrich, Thomas Hicks, Colin Holland, Giles Holland, Marcus Illingworth, Toby Illingworth, Henry Kavanagh, Fergus Keegan, Thomas Kirby, Freddie Light, William Light, Alfie Maxwell, James McIntosh, Ollie McIntosh, Nick Milner-Gulland, Matt Mockridge, Matilda Nash, Piers O’Conor, Olivia Orssten, Guy Owers, Sam Owers, Clare Parkhouse, James Parkhouse, Tom Parkhouse, Victor Parry, George Pickard, Rory Pollard, Ben Pullan, Toby Pullan, Molly Reynolds, James Roberts, Andrew Rose, Sophie Sharpe, Fergo Shaw, George Shaw, Harley Sherlock, Sarah Jane Sherlock, Poppy St John, Shannon Suttie, Spencer Suttie, Ollie Thornton, Iona Thorold, Isabelle Tower, George Wagenmann, Katie Walker, Hattie West, Patrick Wigan, Freddie Willatt, Rhys Williams and Alice Young.

Susie Abrahams has given up full time teaching and is now living in Glascow, but has spent the last two seasons skiing in France. It was very nice to hear from Andy Anderson who was at Cumnor from 1946 to 1950, starting at Birch Grove House. After completing National Service, mainly in Hong Kong, he spent fifteen years in the Far East before moving to Australia where he has lived for forty years. Paula Arkley retired as Headteacher at Clifton Pre-prep, York in July whilst John continues to work at St Peters. Herry Ashby is retiring from the Newick Health Centre after 30 years but will continue to do sessional GP work. He raised £1,125 for “Help for Heroes” by shaving off  his beard which had been with him for forty years.  Daniel Bailey has recently moved from New Jersey to Florida to work for Citibank in their Operations group. He is a regular poker player and an avid woodworker, currently rebuilding the interior of a property. He ascribes his love of woodwork to CHS carpentry lessons. Caitlin Boyland was a prefect in her last year at Roedean and was a very successful Games Captain. Callum settled happily into School House at Tonbridge. He was awarded the Art Prize for his year group and continues to do well in DT following his scholarship award.  Ben Bray was married in February (see Marriages). He met his wife in Sudan last year whilst working with one of the international teams monitoring the Sudanese elections. Daniel Brookbank has become Chief Executive at East Sussex Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People. He hosted a visit from HRH the Duchess of Gloucester earlier in the year. Justin Cheadle is currently a designer and writer at Headstrong Games in London. He had a lead design role on a little game called Art Academy, for the Nintendo DS, which teaches people to draw and paint — over two million copies sold to date. Ursie Cholmeley (nee Bennett) is still gardening at and running Easton Walled Gardens in the South of Lincolnshire. It was nice to meet Gerald Clapp on Old Cumnorian Day and to hear what he had been up to since leaving the school in 1948. He is married with two sons, Matthew 26 and Jordan 23 and, at the age of seventy five, still plays tennis twice a week — but only doubles with, preferably, good partners. Nat Cockburn worked in Geneva and Singapore before returning to marry Laura Newman in November 2009, and baby Madeleine was born to them on 3rd May 2011 (see births).  Luke Colyer is working for the wine department in Harrods. Ben has changed courses at Oxford Brookes and is now reading English. Alex Dempsey (nee Guilfoyle) is based in Melbourne, Australia, and has recently been promoted to National Research Manager for Stockland, a Property Development Company. Mark Dickens has recently been enrolled as President of the International Dickens Fellowship for two years which will encapsulate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’ birth (1812-2012). Ollie spent much of his Gap year in India where he visited Goa, Kerala, the sweltering deserts of Rajasthan and the Himalayas. He then went to Switzerland where he worked, delivering drinks and food, at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Edward Dillon-Robinson has done a lot of writing including a sixty thousand word novel about Radley and also a short twenty minute feature film based there called “Borderlines”. He is now reading English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. Kieren Dimentmoved back to Australia and married Lorna in 1999. They are in Wollongong, NSW, where he divides his time between working for the local university on Social Research and Health IT and for a large multinational technology company. They have two children, Freya, 11, and Hunter, 7.  Daniel Doherty is into his third year at Manchester University School of Medicine and Harriet has just started reading Philosophy and Politics at Manchester University. Charlie Dowdall is a Geologist, specialising in geophysical hazards, and works for the Global Risk Forum in Davos, Switzerland.Tom has qualified as an architect, having taken his architectural degree at ETH Zurich, and now works for David Chipperfield in London. Richard is a Civil and Structural Engineer, but has just completed a Masters in Earthquake Engineering at UCL. Daisy Downe has bought a house in Bromley to make commuting to her City marketing job much easier. Ben is now director at PWC Consulting where he is a Management Consultant. Sam is Head of Maths at Pinewood Prep School, which received a visit from the CHS Rugby team last season. Claudia Dyball spent part of her Gap year visiting Sydney, New Zealand and Beijing before going up to Leeds to read medicine. Charlie Field is living in Balcombe and is getting married in November (see engagements). Nicholas Fisher lives in Eastbourne and works for himself. Charlotte has been in America for twelve years and lives with her husband Kurt Glauber in Manhattan. She is employed by Columbia University as Chief Research Officer on the Columbia Transplant team. They have a new baby daughter, Amelia. Sarah Fishwick (nee Reardon) achieved a distinction in her MSc in Environmental and Development Education. James Gairdner, having returned from Australia, Asia, USA and the Channel Islands  is now living in Lindfield with his wife Vivian, and two children, Georgia and Johnny, and is a director of The People Development Consultancy. His sporting activity is now restricted to triathlon and occasional cricket. Piers Gibbon continues to present TV documentaries such as Dining with Cannibals. NatGeo TV has given him the job of presenting a whole series called “The Witch Doctor Will See You Now”. He has filmed episodes in India, China, Peru and Cameroon (where he was arrested for digging a shallow grave and being surrounded by a pool of chicken blood). He has also written a book, “Tribe, Endangered Peoples of the World” and kindly presented one copy to the library. Francesca Goddard is in her final year at Benenden where music is a large part of her life. She has completed her grades on the cello and has sung in a live broadcast of the Mozart Vespers on BBC Radio 3 with the Rodolfus Choir and also participated in the Bach Choir’s concert of the St. Matthew’s Passion performed in the Royal Festival Hall last Easter. Crispin Goldsmith has been living and working in London ever since graduating from Durham. Nowadays he admits sheepishly to having worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland for the last six years. The work, however, has been varied and interesting. He is getting married next summer (see engagements). Jamie Gourlay is running his own art gallery in Eton High Street where he sells works including his own. He is very much in to International Dealing. Alastair has just completed his second year at Bristol where he is reading Economics and Accounting. He plays soccer for the University which involves a lot of training. David has left Stowe and has gained boating qualifications for big motor yachts and is hoping to become involved in the Caribbean season.  Christopher Hall checked out the new CHS school boundaries on Google maps and wrote that he is amazed by the development over the years. He is retiring as chairman of the Sea Cadet Association in Scotland next year. Clara Hamer has been backpacking in Israel. Nicholas Heath lives with his wife and son in an “international modern” white cube house in central Cambridge, next to two Real Tennis courts. He is a director of Savills, Partner of Jenkins and Beckers (wine merchants) and Trustee of the Cambridge Union Society. George Howe is HM Consul in Damascus, where, as one can imagine, life has been more than interesting. Nick Humphrey’s  new book called “Soul Dust: the Magic of Consciousness” was published earlier this year and described by the philosopher Simon Blackburn as “ a delightful and thought provoking tour de force”. Sophie Jakobson (nee Crosthwaite) has been living in New York for four years with her husband Alex and daughter Flora, two. A new child was born in August (see births). Tom Kirby has successfully completed his NQT year teaching Religion and Philosophy at Berkhamsted School. Nick Milner-Gulland continues to combine teaching at HMP Lewes with much music. He conducts the Fayrfax Singers and the Fletching Singers and has accompanied rehearsals for Ralph Vaughan Williams’  “Hugh the Drover” performed by New Sussex Opera. Anna is teaching Dyslexics at St Bede’s and at home. She is also training to be a volunteer helper with Home Start. Kate is skilfully juggling the demands of motherhood and teaching. Jamie is living in Brighton, driving ambulances and studying to be a paramedic. Toby is living in East London and is in his last year studying Graphic Design.  Richard Morpeth continues to work at HMV Stratford part time. Duncan has started a three year Graduate trainee post with Grant Thornton, accountants in Leeds. He has become engaged to Beth Goodier (see Engagements), a Leeds Music graduate from Harrogate. The wedding will be in 2012. Catherine is spending the third year of her four year course at the University of East Anglia at San Francisco State University. James is off on a Gap year before starting university in September 2012. David Mullins has completed thirty one years as a Lloyds Broker and is living in Haywards Heath with his wife Justine and two daughters, Laura, ten, and Caroline, eight. Michael Orchard is living in Paris as an expatriate and working for a French company which lays and repairs fibre optic cables in the ocean. Robert Pecover is living in Devon where he has almost completed the restoration of a Brunel house. He has resigned from the NHS and maintains a small property portfolio. Edward Pookis working as an IT professional in London. William has had a year as a full-time sailing instructor and a year as an IT professional. He is about to complete a PGCE at Christchurch Canterbury specialising in eight to fourteen year olds and has a job for next year at Chaffyn Grove in Salisbury as head of IT. Nathan Portlock has been in Haiti leading drumming and drama workshops in orphanages. Stephanie Poyntz has completed year three out of six of her degree in Medicine at Leeds. Due to excellent results this year she has earned a place intercalating in Anatomy next year. Last summer she travelled across Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Czech Republic. Henry Price has started his fifth year as a housemaster at Rugby school and spends his holidays in Anglesey with his wife Mary and three children Poppy, Wilfie and Bertie. After completing his GCSEs Edward Reyes took up full time golf training. He has travelled the world playing the game and has represented The Philippines internationally. He turned professional in March this year and is living mainly in the USA. He has just received his first pay cheque.Gemma Royle lives in Fulham and has worked for Strutt and Parker for the last seven years as an associate in their Knightsbridge office. Paul Robinson is Operations Manager for London wasps.  George Sheen is in his last year at King’s Chester and hopes to go on to Nottingham to read English. Tristram Stuart has been awarded the Sophie Prize of 2011 (an international award worth US$ 100,000) for his work in helping charities, governments, businesses and institutions to implement reductions in global food waste. His much acclaimed book “Waste” was published in 2009. Corin graduated from the Drama School, London in July last year and appeared in “The Lesson” by Eugene Ionesco at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden last August. Anthony Swing has recently been elected a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). He received his certificate at the annual CIPR Fellows’ lunch at the House of Lords. Emma Torkington was awarded the Dinesh Dhamija Sports Award at King’s Canterbury “for her excellence in table tennis”. She was also awarded a local hero award from Sports Aid and Lloyds Bank for her table tennis. She is ranked 123rd in the world at under 15 level. Sarah Wallis’ second book “ A War in Words: The first-hand story of young lives lived and lost in World War II” was published in September 2009 by Harper Collins and came out in paperback in June last year. Tom Ward has completed his first year at Birmingham reading Theology. During his Gap year he worked at King Alfred’s College in Adelaide. During the summer term he spent a few weeks helping out in the games department at Cumnor.  Michael Wills and his wife, Carol, divide their time between Oxford and their house in the hills above Perpignan in South West France. Their daughter Kate Berger is making a great success of a career in International Development Agencies (Comic relief, Christian Aid etc.). Olly lives in Binsey, Oxford, by the river and next to the Perch gastro pub which is run by his French wife Celine. He is still running a garden centre, leading his country rock band, The Epstein, and enjoying his cricket. Sam Wysock-Wright is reading Surveying at Reading and Emily is reading Medical Sciences at Westminster.




We are delighted to record the following births:

To Juliet (nee Mitchell) and Hugh Milward, a daughter, Clementine, (12.11.10)

To Natalie Graves and Laurence Wynne, a son, Zachari, Michael, Leo, Graves-Wynne (22.2.11)

To Tora and Laurie Robinson, a daughter, Sophie, Annabel, Frances (18.3.11)

To Joana and Rory Campbell, a daughter, Rafaela Freitas (1.6.11)

To Jo (nee Cuppage) and John Lentaigne, a daughter, Vita, Grace (7.4.11)

To Erica and Nick Illsley, a boy, Tristan, James, Boyer (19.7.11)

To Rhiannon Oxley and Neil, twin daughters, Amber, Grace, MacLennan and Amelie, Carol, MacLennan (17.7.11)

To Sophie (nee Crosthwaite) and Alex Jakobson, a son, Alfie (25.7.11)

To Laura (nee Shelford) and James Harding, a son, Harry, James, Cornelius (1.9.11)

To Emma and Tom Shelford, a son, William (Will), John, Maurice (23.8.11)

To Kate Milner-Gulland and Mark Wright, a son, Luca Milner Wright (15.9.11)

To Gemma (daughter of Kerry Sanderson) and Carl Cobb, a daughter, Autumn, Lea (29.9.11)

To Kate and Harry Hastings, a son, Rex, William (30.9.11)

To Julie (Dr Enticknap) and Richard Lesley, a son, Noah, James (2.10.11)

To Laura and Nat Cockburn, a daughter, Madeleine (3.5.11)


We also congratulate the following on their engagement:

Alastair Laing to Charlotte Simpson (7.12.10)

James Champness to Sophie Smith (14.1.11)

Duncan Morpeth to Beth Goodier (9.11.10)

Claire Paterson to Matthew Conrad (14.5.11)

Charlie Field to Joanne Skinner (7.9.10)

Richard Guilfoyle to Amanda Day (21.6.11)

Matty Thavenot to Carolynn Rail (15.4.11)

Crispin Goldsmith to Helen Ahern ( 25.7.11)


And the following on their marriage:

Ben Bray to Uthayla Abdullah  (17.2.11)

Alastair Laing to Charlotte Simpson (10.9.11)


We were very sorry to hear of the following deaths:

David Hart, father of Harry (Bimbo), Tim and Charlie  (5.1.11)

Peter Mitchell, father of Andrew, Nick and Juliet (8.2.11)

Willoughby Wynne, uncle of Marcella, Laurence, Llewella, Phoebe, Pierre and Camille. (22.1.11)

Bridget Pullan, grandmother of Ben, Toby and Chloe and mother-in-law of Fiona. (29.1.11)

Lady Fieldhouse, mother of The Hon. Mark Fieldhouse (5.3.11)

Janet Brown, mother of Tyler Butterworth (27.5.11)

William Tissington, who taught at Cumnor during the 1950s (16.5.11)

Asher Wagle, mother of Katie Bowness (nee Wagle)



Edward Mole at St Edmund Hall, Oxford to read Medicine.

James Roberts at St Edmund Hall, Oxford to read Physics.

James Parkhouse at Balliol College, Oxford to read Classics.

David Heywood at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge to read Engineering.

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