Our Ethos

The Pre-Prep fully embrace the school motto and this ethos is embedded in everything we do:

Aim HighWe believe that all children should be encouraged and supported in achieving and surpassing their goals, whatever their ability. We seek to focus on the unique talents of every child in order to nurture and develop a sense of endless enquiry, wonder and tenacity in their learning.

There is no age or ability-related bar to learning in the Pre-Prep: children will have access to the support or extension they need to flourish via carefully differentiated lessons and tasks in class and specialist curriculum events in which to foster and nurture subject-specific skills.

Be Kind

Children follow our 7 Golden Rules which foster honestly, thoughtfulness and above all kindness to others.

Woodpeckers develops an understanding of the strengths and frailties of nature and the need to be kind to the environment and the creatures with whom we share it.

Our PSHE and Wellbeing curriculum runs through everything we do in the Pre-Prep, providing the children with a vocabulary to express their feelings and an understanding of the steps to take and people to ask should they require a helping hand.

Dare to be DifferentCumnor children, whether in the Pre-Prep or the Prep school are never afraid to stand out from the crowd.  We encourage children to develop the confidence to ask difficult questions, to always seek answers and to be the very best versions of themselves rather than a facsimile of others.

We believe in the uniqueness of each and every child and we aim to provide an education and the emotional, social and personal development they require to flourish in order that they can, in time,  make a positive contribution to the world around them.

Cumnor subscribes to the truism that ‘school days are the best of our lives’ and as such we are unapologetic in our quest to learn lots whilst having the best possible time doing it!  Learning is so much more appealing, and productive if we enjoy it.

At Cumnor, we are fully committed to the children in our care and also to the whole family.  Whatever life throws at you, we will be there to offer support and guidance should you need it.

We are, quite simply, a little different.

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