Design Technology

Inside the Design Technology department, are aims are as follows;

  • To create a stimulating environment that encourages pupils to question and learn about familiar and new products.
  • To capture pupil’s imaginations and develop their abilities whilst having fun.
  • Encourage problem solving using a range of materials and techniques both traditional and state of the art.
  • To enable children to explore and develop their creative boundaries in a safe and structured environment.
  • To teach pupils to work, individually, in pairs or in groups, with a variety of approaches.
  • To teach and use presentation techniques from sketching, formal drawing to desk top publishing and Computer aided design.
  • To create and nurture an interest in careers in any field of the technologies; engineering, architecture, product design, electronics etc.


  • Year 8 – Acrylic clocks and automatas.
  • Year 7 – Spaghetti bridges and acrylic clocks
  • Year 6 – Green goblin electric cart and traditional wooden racing cars.
  • Year 5 – Fuse tester (basic electronics).
  • Year 4 – Blister packages and torch product model.
  • Year 3 – Introduction to DT basic sketching and using computers using CAD to design a watch and box.


  • More advanced electronics, iPod stereo amplifier circuit.
  • Cricket bats (traditional products).
  • Contemporary furniture design
  • Coracle building
  • Model railways

Tony Woods

Year 8 Summer Projects – 2015

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