Golf Course

Our 6 hole golf course was opened on 2nd July 2016, and played by parents, pupils and staff involved with the design, creation and funding.

It replaces the traditional prep school course which was located where the new Park Pitches were formed, and is a much more challenging layout than would normally be found.

The purpose is to be able to introduce children to the game and to also instil the groundings of appropriate golf etiquette. Hopefully it will be used by students, boarders and parents and make for a fantastic start to a child’s golfing experience.

Cumnor House Sussex Golf Scorecard

Course Guide

All the greens are small and you might want to think about pitching in front of some/all of them.  They are deliberately made to exact precise shots from you or ask you to take the risk of running your ball in.

  1. Paddock: A short par 3.  Only 81 yards but you need to pitch in front of the green at say 70 yards if you don’t think you’ll stop it on the green.  Do not go over – it’s out of bounds.  Play right of the silver birch.
  2. Choice: It’s only 149 yards but you have to play this as a par 4 unless you want to risk going out of bounds with a draw off the tee.  OOB is over the back and down the left-hand side of LL1.  Play out to the middle of LL1, around 100yards, and then pitch in towards the NE corner.
  3. Cuilfail: The hardest hole on the course.  A par 4 of 300 yards with a very tight drive down a ‘tunnel’ to a narrow fairway.  It’s out of bounds ALL down the left and thickish rough down the right.  The ideal tee shot is a gentle draw starting at the right hand side of the fairway.  The second shot, helped by both 100 yard red disk and 150 yard marker posts needs to come in from the left ideally but if your tee shot is not on the left hand side, you need to avoid the two oaks guarding the green on the right.
  4. Miss Yew: A devilish par 3 of only 78 yards.  Missing the yew tree on the right, there are many water hazards on this hole.  It is guarded on the right by ditches and at the back by the Park Pitches soakaway.  In front of the tee there are two ditches.  Yellow markers mean you must drop out farther from the hole; red markers mean you are allowed to drop on the playing side but as close to the hazard stakes as possible.
  5. Hill: Whichever tee you use, you’ll need to get your tee shot airborne quickly.  Aim for the marker to give a simple pitch in; aim left of it if you think you can go for the green.  Ring the bell by the 6th tee please to clear the way for the next group.
  6. OSP: You can play this either as par 5 or par 4.  If playing as par 5, drive to the corner of the Park Pitches between 120 and 170 yards otherwise you won’t get a view of the next shot.  Hit up towards the chimneys on the main house for your second; it’s 150 yards to the green from the bottom of the slope.  If you want to go for it as a par 4, you’ll probably need to aim over the Athletics Track but if you land on it that’s out of bounds and you’ll have to drop back behind the fence or go back to the tee.  The final pitch in is daunting because the Old Swimming Pool is out of bounds but the green slopes towards you if you’re pitching from the right place.

Cumnor House Sussex - Course Guide

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