Match Policy

We start from the belief that the majority of pupils at Cumnor want to be in a team. Equally the majority of staff at Cumnor are employed to run teams (and enjoy doing so!) and are thus empowered so to do by the Headmaster in accordance with their experience and ability and all aim to get the best out of their resultant team. All have the difficult task of picking a team (a long process that involves much discussion amongst the team takers) that satisfies the Cumnor House School match policy as well as bearing in mind the concerns and ambitions of pupils and parents.

CHS Match policy is one of COMPETITIVE INCLUSION above all. We aim to give every child the opportunity to represent the school at least three times each term in the major sport. To this end we have set up 2nd, 3rd, 4th and sometimes 5th team matches at senior level and B through to F teams at middle and junior level. Pupils will play at the appropriate level. If we feel a child needs to move up or down for their development we have the flexibility to do this. Our aim is to get most of the school playing in matches every Wednesday and Saturday. School matches are provided for the enjoyment, development and benefit of every child duly selected.

Our aim at CHS is to develop each child to his or her best potential so that when they arrive at their next school they have been well coached and well prepared both physically and mentally.

If your child is selected to represent the school in a match they may expect to perform for a minimum of three quarters of the overall playing time. In addition to this you may also expect your son/daughter, over the course of a term, to be given the chance to experience playing in different positions when the opportunity allows for it. At all times it must be remembered that we have an obligation to our opposing school to provide a suitable and fair opposition for the duration of that match.

Because we now have so many additional matches, we feel that we can, on the whole, select ‘A’ teams on merit from U9 and above. We have to be fair to the CHS pupils but we must be fair on the opposition too. Selection is by staff input only as there are many factors that must be taken into account.

At CHS we enter some local, regional and national competitions. More often than not these will only involve the ‘A’ teams in each year group. We believe firmly that these are excellent opportunities to further enhance a child’s sporting development. If selected for a competition match/tournament it should be noted that your son/daughter should not presume to play the same role as in a school match. All decisions of team selection in these instances are down to the coach of that side for the day who at all times will have the team’s best interest in mind. In summary, pupils want to represent the school and we endeavour to give them all the opportunity to play in matches. We aim to be competitively inclusive to give pupils the opportunity to enjoy playing in a team. What is most important is getting the appropriate child in the appropriate team so that they are playing and developing at the appropriate level.

Summer 2011 – RJM

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