Term Outline

 Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Minor SportsSwimmingTennis

The Cumnor House sports department aims to give all the children the best opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of a balanced range of physical activities.

We endeavour to engender in all children a feeling that they are extremely well-coached and cared for at the highest level, so that they look back on their sporting careers at Cumnor as a very positive experience and one that allowed them to grow and develop as individuals and as team members.

The boys will have the chance to play 4 major sports throughout the year. In the first term they will play football and rugby, in the second term Rugby and hockey, and in the third term cricket. The girls will have a mixture of Hockey and netball in the autumn and spring term and Rounders in the summer term. Both boys and girls will also do Athletics during the summer term.

In addition to the major sports and PE we also have a vibrant programme of minor sports. This includes regular tennis fixtures throughout the summer term, regular swimming galas, judo, fencing, ballet, dance and sailing. We also make use of the local outdoor adventure training centres to give the children the experience of climbing, kayaking and other team building events.

All pupils are given the opportunity to enjoy sport whilst becoming more confident as a result of developing their skills. Every child, whatever their level, ought to feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement as a result of taking part in sport at Cumnor.

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