Netball at Cumnor is our major game for girls in the Spring term, with matches played against local opposition on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with some matches being played in the Autumn term.  We enter local tournaments, the Sussex Cup and the IAPS competitions, in which we have qualified for national finals.

The girls start to play Netball in year 3 where they are introduced to a 4 aside version of the game.  This helps them to develop the basic skills required, such as driving on to the ball, balanced catching and throwing, before being introduced to more positional play.  Girls will start to look at how to defend, how to use space effectively and how to shoot.chsnetball

In year 4, girls start to play the 7 aside game where they will continue to build on their previous skills, whilst learning positional responsibilities and tactical awareness as to how to get the ball down the court in the most effective way.

From year 3 to 6, there is a lot of rotation with girls around positions and squads.  We feel it is important that girls learn a wide variety of ‘netball’ skills that can be used in every position rather than them feeling they can only play in one area of the court.

By year 7 and 8, players are specialising more in certain positions, but all have a good grounding and game understanding so that they are able to switch around when required.

From year 3 to year 8, we are developing the girl’s skills, both individually and as a team.  We want them to be versatile players, have fun and develop a love of the game.

Jane Hicks

Head of Netball

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