uRugby is played at Cumnor from mid-November, through to the February half-term. Cumnor House supports the introduction of the New Rules of Play / Kids First rugby, and works with local clubs and parents of players to ensure a level of continuity.  Many of our players also enjoy playing for their local club teams.

Rugby has undergone a seismic shift in recent years regarding the rules of play, and the role of competition structures for cumnor rugby small_compressedyouth players. Independent schools have been slower to change, although Cumnor House has been proactive in this regard. Cumnor House was one of the first schools nationally, and one of the few in Sussex so far to sign up to the principles of Kid’s First rugby.

  • Put children at the heart of everything we do and all the decisions we make.
  • Encourage fun on the pitch, through equal opportunity and realistic expectations of our children.
  • Build the skills of our adults to provide a safe, healthy, respectful and enjoyable environment for kids.
  • Develop children’s confidence and character as players and people.
  • Champion rugby’s Core Values, inspiring a lifelong bond between children, adults and our sport.

Game Format

  • Our U8’s typically play in a festival format, including normal tag games, conditioned games that highlight certain skills or tactics and a MegaFest
  • U9’s play a form of the game that has only passing, offloading and tackling. [7v7]
  • U10’s add in unconstested scrum between the nearest three players and a 1 vs 1 breakdown [8v8]
  • U11’s play a 2v2 breakdown and add some kicking [9v9]
  • U12’s 5-man scrum, contested breakdown. [12v12]
  • U13’s play 13-a-side, without 2 flankers. [13v13]

We recognise that rugby is a late development sport. Evidence indicates that it is impossible to accurately identify ‘talent’ prior to the age of 16. Therefore, all players should be exposed to and benefit from learning, new skills, ideas and positions throughout their rugby experiences.

The players with the most skills, will end up having the most fun!

– Hadon Westerby

The school is well represented at the England Developing Player Programme, – operated locally by Harlequins – with both players and coaches involved. Furthermore, several players have gone on to be included in Sussex County squads as well as the Harlequin’s Junior Elite Player Development Programme (JEPDG).

Some players also experience rugby 7’s. Now an Olympic sport, 7’s is a faster, more open game that tests players still further. We typically enter several local tournaments, as well as the national tournament held at Rosslyn Park.

Many of our coaches are qualified to coach rugby; we range from simple Rugby Ready qualifications, up to UKCC Level 3 coaches! All of our coaches have undertken the online Concussion Awareness modules – as part of our whole school concussion policy.

Hadon Westerby

Head of Rugby


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