Cumnor House School 219 small_compressedChildren at Cumnor House are encouraged to take a pride in both the content and the presentation of their work. Cumnor has a fine record of scholarships, but we try to ensure that these are gained without forcing the pace or narrowing the broadly based education that we offer, and in any one year our Common Entrance and Scholarship candidates will be going on to around 20 different schools. Common Entrance candidates almost always pass into the school of their first choice; much time and thought is devoted to advising parents about the choice of schools.

The syllabus for each term in each subject is published in advance and it is Cumnor House School 217 small_compressededucation rather than examination that concentrates our thoughts. Handbooks for each year group are available.


In years 3, 4 & 5 the emphasis is on English subjects and Mathematics, taught largely by form teachers. Oral French and practical Science are started in Year 3, as are Design and Technology, Pottery, Home Economics, Class Music and Handwriting. Simple written French and Latin are introduced in Year 4.

Cumnor House School 014 amended small_compressedFlexible streaming begins in Year 6 and children are taught by subject teachers. In Year 6, whilst the children are still in mixed ability forms, they are put into ‘sets’ for English, Maths and Science. In Years 7 & 8 this setting extends to cover Languages and gthe Humanities with mixed groupings remaining for PE, Music, DT and Art. A Scholarship ‘stream’ operates in Years 7 & 8 leading towards a range of Public School Scholarship Examinations.

Many of our important documents are updated and reviewed regularly. The latest live versions can be accessed at any time via Foldr – either via the Foldr App, or directly using the link below. Should you be unable to locate any information you are seeking, please contact the school office.


Foldr Address –

Username – parentportal

Password – Contact the School Office

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