Spelling Lists

Learning spellings at Cumnor for Years 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Spellings are given to the children once a week, usually on a Monday. They have yellow spelling books and they should be kept in their bags so they can use them at school and at home to practise.

Please encourage your children to practise their spellings. A few each day seems to be more successful than all on a Sunday night.

The lists have three sections:

  • high frequency/commonly misspelt words
  • words linked to a spelling rule/phonics
  • vocabulary extension words/extension spellings

The children who find spelling difficult will highlight the words they need to learn on the list after discussion with their teacher.

Those for whom spelling is easier may be asked to spell the vocabulary words as a challenge.

If you have any queries about spellings please contact your child’s English teacher or me.

Katie Kemp

Spelling Lists

Year 4 Autumn 4

Year 4 Autumn 6

Year 5 Autumn 4

Year 5 Autumn 6

Year 6 Autumn 4

Year 6 Autumn 6

Year 7 Autumn 4

Year 7 Autumn 6

Year 8 Autumn 4

Year 8 Autumn 6

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