Bienvenue! At Cumnor, the MFL department aims to engage pupils in a lively, differentiated language-learning experience, via a range of activities that develop all pupils’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, both inside the classroom and beyond it.

We aim to equip our pupils to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities presented by our ever-expanding world, by developing their linguistic skills and social awareness, whilst believing that learning a Modern Foreign Language is about more than passing an examination and indeed more even than communication; it is part of a rounded education.

All pupils start French in Year 1, via songs, rhymes and games. In Year 3 pupils begin to read and write individual words and phrases, following Skoldo Book 1. In Year 5 pupils have three lessons of French per week, and in the summer term all have the opportunity to take part in our 4-day cross-curricular French/Geography trip to the Somme area of Northern France. In Year 6 we set according to ability and in Year 7 pupils begin a two-year course leading to Common Entrance, or an Academic Scholarship to their future school.Our two language assistants help to prepare the children for their speaking examinations, and all pupils are encouraged to take part in our hugely popular 4-day cross-curricular French/History trip to Lower Normandy. Both trips were developed in-house, enabling us to tailor-make an educational experience that also represents excellent value for money. By Year 8, with four lessons per week, we aim to have equipped all our pupils not only to approach their respective examinations with confidence, but also to have fostered a life-long enjoyment of language-learning, together with an appreciation of, and a respect for otherness. Scholarship pupils are introduced to German in the second half of the summer term in Year 8.

This year has also seen the introduction of a programme of activities tailored to our growing number of bilingual pupils, including regular timetabled reading/conversation sessions with a native speaker.

Kim Lambert

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