‘What other subject tells us so much about the great issues of our age?’

– Professor Andrew Goudie

Geography is an exciting subject thanks to our ever changing world. At Cumnor we believe that discussion actively engages minds and spurs on inquisitive thinkers which we enjoy exploring in our lessons. Our aim is to produce good Geographers who take an interest in what is going on around them. To this end, enquiry is all important to satisfy their innate curiosity. During their time here the children have the opportunity to learn ‘out in the field’ starting with the extensive school grounds and Ashdown Forest then exploring further afield along the Dorset coastline and Northern France.

In the Pre-Prep the children do topic work with their class teachers with the emphasis on developing knowledge, skills and understanding relating to the physical and human environment. Geography is taught as an independent subject from Year 3 upwards and by a subject specialist in Years 4 to 8.

Maureen Boyland

Ben Chapman

Field trips

Fieldtrips take the children to: Ashdown Forest, Kew Gardens, Cuckmere Haven, Queen Elizabeth Park and East Village, north coast of France, the Dorset coastline. These wide ranging experiences help them to appreciate and better understand the world in which they live.

  • Year 3 visit to Ashdown Forest in the summer term to explore and learn more about their local environment.
  • Year 4 visit to Kew Gardens in the spring term to see incredible Tropical Rain Forest plants and magnificent cacti typical of the Hot Deserts
  • Year 6 visit Cuckmere Haven to study river and coastal processes and landforms.
  • Year 7 visit to Queen Elizabeth Park and East Village – a sustainable housing project.
  • Year 8 visit to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door to study coastal processes and landforms.

The content of the syllabus is varied and expands outwards in scale from local, to national, to global as the children progress through the school. Traditional learning takes place using maps and textbooks and technology is embraced through the use of iPads and computers.  At each level, the children build on their geographical skills, drawing and using maps, graphs, diagrams and photographs. They are encouraged to think for themselves and solve problems using a wide range of information. Through reading and writing they engage with texts, considering bias and influence.  Through debate and discussion they examine the evidence and review facts.  The variety of topics and continual updating captures their imagination.

Topics include: Atlas skills, Ordnance Survey map reading and Locational Knowledge, Deserts, Tropical Rainforests, Grasslands, Weather and Climate, Rivers and Flooding, Coasts, Volcanoes and Earthquakes Population and Settlement, Transport and Industry. Our common entrance syllabus is from the ISEB, and can be viewed here.

Successful Geography encourages a spirit of adventure and builds upon a pupil’s natural desire to seek out facts and opinions. It is hoped that, through Geography, Cumnor children will leave the school with an interest in everything around them, a love of learning and the enthusiasm to continue to study and enjoy the subject in future years.


Useful Documents

Global Location Knowledge

Geography Glossary of Terms


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