What is Mathletics?

•An online maths resource that children can access with unique login details -anywhere, anytime.
•Allows students to practise maths concepts taught in school and become quicker at mental maths.
•Based on National Curriculum.
•Contains fun problem solving games, a concept search tool, times tables songs and more.

How is it used?
•Children can access in own time and practise activities available.
•Teachers can set tasks for use in the classroom or at home on Mathletics –pupils can’t visit other areas of the program until teacher tasks are completed.
•Teachers can monitor progress through their Teacher Centre.
•Children are rewarded for continued progress and participation with points, certificates and credits to spend on their avatar in the online shop.


Reward structure
•Live Mathletics: 1 correct answer = 1 point
•Curriculum activities: 1 correct answer = 10 points
•Certificates: maximum of 1 per week
–1000 points in a week = 1 bronze certificate
–5 bronze certificates = 1 silver certificate
–4 silver certificates = 1 gold certificate

How you can help
•Encourage your child to access Mathletics three times a week, for 10 -20 minutes each time.
•Remind them to use the question mark help button when doing an activity to get an explanation.
•Encourage use of Problem Solving activities, Concept Search, Rainforest Maths and Times Tables Toonsto vary their use and keep their interest high.
•Print and display certificates when they are achieved to reward your child.

Next steps
•You can register for a parent account at:
•This will allow you to receive weekly progress reports about your child’s use of Mathletics.
•If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school who can contact Mathletics for help if necessary.

View the Parents’ Guide here

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