Life after Cumnor

A casual glance at the list of schools served by Cumnor shows that no single senior school is fed. The right school for the individual (and the family) is sought and the Headmaster invites parents to discuss future options when their child reaches Year 5 and there is the beginning of a fuller sense of potential, talents and preferences.

Between 15 and 25 different senior schools are destinations each year and up to half of the Year 8 children may be attempting a Scholarship of one sort or another. Pupils leave at 13+ rather than 11+ and at the core of all our concerns is the happiness of the individual pupil and our determination that each pupil should learn according to their potential in an environment that challenges yet nurtures.

We assist the children to prepare for their future schools through visits, practice interviews and help with any pre-test requirements which can differ markedly from school to school.

Leavers from all year groups are invited to join the Old Cumnorian Society where we can keep you informed of any events and updates, and in turn we very much like to hear your news also.

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