Medical Care

Medical Care

The care of our pupils is paramount. The nursing staff and teaching staff at Cumnor work together to ensure that the pupils at Cumnor remain healthy and enjoy a full education.

For parents, it can be a real worry ensuring that the appropriate level of care is available when their child is away from home either as a day pupil or boarder, therefore close links are encouraged between parents, teaching and nursing staff at Cumnor.

The health care team

The School Surgery and Sickbay at Cumnor are Nurse led by a registered Paediatric and Adult Nursing Sister formally a paediatric A&E Nursing Sister. She holds an MSc in Nursing Science (Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner Pathway) is a qualified first aider and holds the national rescue award for swimming teachers and coaches.

The School Nursing Sister (Paula Talman) is supported by:

  • A Registered Nurse (Saturday)
  • Nursing Assistance (Friday am and Match days)
  • The School’s Medical Officer Dr. J. Baseley a G.P from Forest Row Health Centre
  • Parkhouse Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Governor for medical matters at Cumnor House School
  • A number of the teaching staff are qualified first aiders and have a qualification in the administration of medication in schools.

The School’s Medical Officer holds a surgery at the School once a term for boarders who choose to register with The Forest Row Health Centre. Boarding pupil’s who choose to register with the School’s G.P surgery can request to see a male or female G.P at the Forest Row practice at anytime. Parents of boarders who choose to remain with their family G.P will be contacted immediately if their child requests a G.P appointment and arrangements will be made between the School Nursing Sister and the parent to fulfil this request.

The School Nursing Sister provides care for pupils with chronic conditions as well as a triage service for pupils presenting with acute illnesses and injuries. She provides health advice and facilitates health promotion within the school. She teaches PSHE (personal social and health education) and has a key role within the PSHE team and introduced First Aid, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Relaxation and Yoga to the PSHE curriculum. She is also a member of the senior management team with a key role in policy development and management. She liaises closely with the senior management team, the health and safety team, teachers and parents to provide continuity of services and care for our pupils.

The School Surgery and Sickbay are located in the main school building next to the boarding house. It is well equipped and can accommodate male and female pupils separately if required. A television, DVD player, radio, games and books are available to pupils who need to be admitted to the sickbay for an extended period of time.

Surgery opens at 0810 and closes at 1800 Monday to Friday. A nurse and a nursing assistant are available on Saturdays for emergencies from 0800 until the end of matches. There is always a first aider onsite to deal with accidents and illness in the absence of the School Nursing Sister. Surgeries are held five times a day for routine treatment however the pupils can be seen outside surgery times in the case of accidents and illness.

If pupils are unwell, suffer an injury or are upset and need to talk, they are encouraged to visit the School Nursing Sister at any time and we stress that they do not need to wait for the next surgery time.

Ofsted Report 2009

“The nursing provision at the school is excellent”


Cumnor House School has an outstanding pastoral care team, which encourages pupils to be supportive of one and other. When pupil’s encounter problems they are encouraged to seek support from their form teachers, tutors, houseparents, Senior Mistress, Nursing Sister or Assistant Heads all of whom are there to listen and offer advise if appropriate. In addition to this support network there is also a resident Educational Psychologist whom children can be referred to. Issues related to confidentiality are addressed with the pupils. There may also come a time when a pupil may feel it is more appropriate to speak to someone who is not part of the school establishment. Cumnor House School has an independent Listener (Juliet Quantril) who can be contacted at anytime by the pupils and her contact number is displayed in the surgery and telephone box. Contact numbers of other outside agencies such as childline are also on display.

ISI Report 2009

“The medical and counselling care available to pupils is outstanding and includes a link with an educational psychologist”

“The quality of pastoral care and attention given to the welfare, health and safety of pupils is outstanding throughout the school”

“Parents are extremely happy with the care, help and guidance given to their children”

Child Protection

The school Nursing Sister is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and the Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Christian Heinrich (Headmaster). The governor responsible for safeguarding is Sarah Jelly. The safety and well-being of all our pupils at Cumnor House School is our highest priority. Our business is to know everyone as an individual and to provide a secure and caring environment, so that every pupil can learn in safety, develop his/her full potential and feel positive about him/herself as an individual.

ISI Report 2009

“The measures and procedures to safeguard and promote the health and safety and welfare of the pupils are comprehensive and most successful”

Ofsted Report 2009

“ The school has good safeguarding procedures and the lead child protection officer is a highly qualified nurse who delivers an excellent service”

Paula Talman Nursing Sister
Contact Number 01825 792002

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