Gap Students

Gap students contribute a tremendous amount to the daily workings of the school, and for the students.

  • Devon Campleman

      From Bishops College, Cape Town, South Africa. Devon is a very competent sportsman and he enjoys most sports.  He met our tour party to South Africa (Paddy Wigan and Pippa Chapman) in 2016 when we trained at Bishops. He is looking forward to travelling with friends around Europe.


    • Ellie Reardon

        From All Saints Anglican School, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. She has been travelling for 1 month already: 3 weeks in USA and 1 week in Edinburgh for New Year. She enjoys musical theatre and most sports (and running), and is looking forward to more travel.


      • Lily Tehan

          From Geelong College, Victoria, Australia.  Lily knows Ela (from last year) who was from the same school.  She enjoys swimming, tennis and netball, and has had lots of work experience on her father’s farm.


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