The School Day

08 00
Children will start to arrive at school. Most children will come to the North Car Park and go to their classrooms. Form teachers are in their classrooms by 08 00.

08 15
A bell will go and all children should go to their form-rooms. Registration takes place here except for those children in music groups, who will be registered separately.

08 20
Forms are taken to Prayers:

Day Pre-prep (R,1,2) Junior (3,4,5) Seniors (6,7,8)

Mondays Theatre Theatre Theatre
Wednesdays Theatre Theatre Theatre
Thursday Old Library Theatre Theatre
Fridays Old Library Theatre Theatre
Saturdays n/a Theatre Theatre

08 40 – 10 40
3 lessons of 40 minutes each. Pre-prep have their break earlier at around 10 00.

10 40 – 11 10
Break for the whole prep school. Children may go anywhere in bounds and there are several members of staff detailed to patrol. The children get a bun or fruit from the Dining Room.

11 10 – 12 30 OR 12 50 OR 13 10
2 more lessons of 40 minutes each. Staff taking Y34 take that class to the dining room at 12 30 after they have washed their hands. They will have lunch directly after the pre-prep and should finish by 12 50. Teachers of Y56 classes accompany them to lunch at 12 50. Y78 go to lunch at 13 10.

13 10
Most days there is a musical group that rehearses in the Theatre, Barn or Music Room. Tutorials, Tennis Coaching and Dance also take place at this time

13 50
More lessons until 15 50

15 50-16 20

16 20
Final lesson including afternoon Registration.

17 00
Home for Day Children. All Y3 go home and any Y4567 that do not have occupations will go home.

Occupations, or hobbies, run 3 times a week between 1710 and 1800. Staff run a wide variety of activities that are open for children in Years 5-8. Years 3 and 4 have a junior occupations slot for an hour each Thursday afternoon.

17 55
Home for any remaining day children. Boarders may change into ‘home clothes’ (appropriate casual dress). Supper is 6pm.

18 45
Supper ends and prep for three quarters of an hour is compulsory on Tuesdays for Y7/8 and on Thursdays for Y8 (4 nights in the Summer Term). Those not in prep practise musical instruments or have free time.

19 30
Bell goes for the end of Prep.

19 30 – 20 30
Evening activity in the Sports Hall is organised by one of the gappers. Others may wish to have free time

20 10
Cocoa and biscuits for all

20 30
All to bed

20 50
Silence for reading

21 15
Lights out

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