Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees and Extras from September 2016

On this page you can view all the fee information for the Cumnor House nursery, pre-prep and prep school. Additionally, extra-curricular charges are also outlined in full.

Cumnor House Sussex supports the School Fees Trust Scheme. It is a sad fact that every year over 1,000 pupils across the country suffer the bereavement of one of their parents, but fortunately participation in this scheme will at least enable them to stay in the school of their choice.

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Tuition Fee.

The tuition fee includes compulsory charges, such as personal accident insurance, school doctor, stationery and laundry.  For Prep school pupils, it also covers insurance for personal effects such as clothing, musical instruments, sports equipment and iPads.

From the start of the Autumn Term 2016, the charge per term is as follows:

Full Boarders  £7,455
Day pupils in the main school £6,265
Year 3 pupils   £6,165
(a credit is applied to the fees to compensate for Saturday tuition)
Pre-Prep pupils £3,315
Reception above Free Entitlement £2,675
Nursery – please contact the Bursary for full details.  


Policy.  Extras are charged in arrears at the end of each term and can include items such as: public examinations (music and academic), expeditions and outings, calculators, pens, mouthguards, breakages etc.  Expeditions and outings include activities outside of the normal school curriculum that are specific to individuals or groups of children (e.g. class, team, occupation, group visits).  The charge for these activities is split between the pupils involved and includes; the cost of the activity, travel, refreshments, incremental costs for accompanying staff, pocket money, etc.  It is school policy that these are charged as extras.  The alternative, to increase the level of tuition fees for everyone, results in children who have not benefitted from that expense subsidising those who have.

Activities and charges

Boarding for day pupils:
Extra night £50 per night
Optional 2 nights a week £305 per half term
Optional 3 nights a week £405 per half term
Optional 4/5 nights a week £510 per half term
Early morning (breakfast and supervision):
1 morning a week £15 per half term
After School Care (and snack): £10 per afternoon
Late pick up (supper and supervision): £10 per evening
Towel on entering the main school: £10 one-off charge
iPads issued to Year 7/8 pupils (retain on leaving): paid over 5 or 6 terms at cost


Learning Enhancement : Individual £25 per 40 min lesson
  Joint £15 per 40 min lesson
  Specialist support as invoiced
Tennis lessons: Individual £250 a term (for ten 40 min lessons)
  Shared (2 players) £140 a term (for ten 40 min lessons)
  Group (3 or more) £80 a term (for ten 40 min lessons)
Swimming lessons: Tadpoles £60 a term (for ten 30 min lessons)
  Mother and baby £80 a term (for ten 30 min lessons)
Dance:            Ballet £55 a term (for ten 30 min lessons)
  Modern Dance £60 a term (for ten 40 min lessons)
Karate:           £80 a term (for ten 45 min lessons)
Fencing: £80 a term (for ten 45 min lessons)
LAMDA lessons: Individual £205 a term (for ten 30 min lessons)
  Shared (2 people) £102 a term (for ten 30 min lessons)
Music lessons:            Individual (recommended) £210 a term (for ten 30 min lessons)
  Music theory group £60 a term
  Hire of school instruments £20-£40 a term (instrument dependent) (or third party hire cost)

Music is taught by self-employed Visiting Music Teachers (VMTs) and LAMDA is taught by self-employed Visiting LAMDA Teachers (VLTs) who invoice parents directly and payment should be made to them at the beginning of each term before starting lessons for that term.   The VMTs/VLTs will enter into a contract with parents which provides details on lessons.  The music and drama departments will provide additional information on arrangements, exams and missed lessons.  Extras, such as publications, examination fees and accompaniment by VMTs/VLTs for examinations will be charged at cost as an extra on the fees invoice.

Music Bursaries:  Music bursaries can be awarded for the following:

Strings, Piano and Vocal – Distinction at Grade 4, or a pass at Grade 5

Brass, Wind and Drums – Distinction at Grade 5, or a pass at Grade 6

Children achieving these grades will have their tuition paid by the school for up to two instruments, at the recommended rate, provided they are taught at the school.  The Headmaster may also award discretionary music bursaries to children in Year 3, 4 and 5.  These awards to be reviewed annually.

Notice required to change activities.  Please note that the charges for activities arranged with outside contractors (Ballet, Dance, Karate, Fencing, LAMDA, Tennis and Music) are non-refundable and to make a change, a full term’s notice is required in writing to Ben Chapman (or VMT for music, VLT for LAMDA) otherwise the full amount is payable.

Note:  It is planned for there to be 30 lessons for extra-curricular activities over the academic year.  These may not be divided equally into ten per term and it is possible that there will be more in the Autumn term and fewer in the other terms.  The standard termly charge will normally be applied for the Autumn and Spring terms and adjusted if necessary in the Summer term.


The following optional charges are included on the fees invoice. If parents do not wish to pay these charges, they should simply delete them and adjust the total paid in the box provided:

School Fees Refund Insurance. This is a premium to refund fees for absence from school through illness of 5 days or more (day pupils) and 8 days (boarders). It also covers the fees for three terms in the event of the death of a parent. The school pays the premium shortly after the start of term and will assume that parents who have not paid promptly for any reason do not wish to take out the insurance. Those who wish to join the scheme are obliged to remain with it for a minimum of three terms, and those who do not want to pay this insurance can ask to have it removed from the invoice. The Bursary has full details.

Royal National Children’s Foundation. Local IAPS schools have agreed to support this charity to help children who have suffered tragedy or trauma and whose parents are not in a position to finance their private education. An optional charge of £5 is added to all school fees invoices and the funds raised go directly to the Trust. The Bursary has full details.


Payment. School fees are payable in advance and should be received by the first day of term. Full details on payment methods are included in the notes on the fees invoice. The school encourages payment by electronic transfer as it greatly reduces administrative costs.

Late payment charge. An administrative charge, at 3% over bank base rate, may be levied on any fees unpaid after the first day of term.

Fees in lieu of notice. One term’s written notice is required before the removal of a child from the school, otherwise the full term’s fees are payable. This notice must be received not later than the last day of the previous term.

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