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Cumnor House Sussex is an idyllic country Prep school where our broad curriculum, inspirational teaching, outstanding pastoral care and excellent facilities combine to produce kind, happy, confident and empowered children, ready to take the next step in their education.

We are focused on individuals and every child is known to us. The happiness and well-being of each child is of paramount importance and in all decision making the impact on the child is considered first. We are ambitious for every child in our care and offer a fully rounded education within a community that nurtures childhood. We value kindness – to others and ourselves – above all else and believe this is central to enabling children to achieve their full potential while at school and succeed later in life.

The breadth and depth of our curriculum is evident through our long standing track record of academic achievement, scholarship success and an unrivalled range of destination senior schools. Our children consistently achieve impressive academic results, moving on to over 20 different senior schools, with over 50% in any one year doing so with an Award or Scholarship.

The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent. Pupils of all ages and abilities are extremely successfully and happily educated in this lively school.”