Visits can be booked on most weekday school mornings; it is best to allow about an hour and a half for your visit. Please contact the Registrar, Miss Cecilia Desmond, on 01825 792 006 for further details.

The ‘standard’ entry points to the school are into Nursery, Reception, or into Year 3 (the beginning of the Prep. School); however, we welcome enquiries at all age levels and each year will see new children joining various year groups.

Children are admitted to the School on the strength of an interview and discreet evaluation, and a report from the previous school. The School is non selective academically but there are basic academic standards required for entry to ensure that new pupils are capable of meeting ongoing academic standards and that the School has suitable structures to cater for them educationally. A full document detailing our Admissions Policy & Procedures is available on the website or by request to Miss Desmond  at


Cecilia Desmond

Direct Line: 01825 792 002
Office: 01825 790 347


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