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Cumnor House Pre-Prep provides a happy, safe and nurturing environment in which children can begin to develop a life-long love of learning and interest in the world around them.

Our self-contained Pre-Prep is the hub of Cumnor House Sussex. A mix of modern and traditional, our inspiring and colourful classrooms showcase the children’s work, inspire and celebrate achievement and look out onto ‘Grace’s Garden’, which sits at the heart of the department. We have easy access to the Prep school’s wider facilities including Woodpeckers, the theatre, swimming pool, home economics, music barn, sports pitches and 60 acres of Sussex countryside to explore. Our dedicated, passionate and devoted teachers support and encourage pupils to become well-rounded, inspired and confident individuals who are kind, tenacious and eager to do their best.

Cumnor subscribes to the truism that ‘school days are the best of our lives’ and as such we are unapologetic in our quest to learn lots whilst having the best possible time doing it! Learning is so much more appealing, productive and engaging if one is encouraged to explore, investigate and discover.

We encourage children to take an active role, share ideas and knowledge and to experiment without fear of failure in order to learn and build a firm foundation from which to thrive. We encourage a spirit of enquiry, curiosity and independence, fostering determination and resilience. These qualities, coupled with an awareness of the world around them, consideration for others and, above all, kindness help to make the Cumnor experience very special indeed.

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Mrs Freeman

Head of Nursery & Pre-Prep

Jacqui Freeman, Head of Nursery & Pre-Prep