Term Dates & Uniform

Autumn Term 2021 finishes on Friday 17th December. Future term dates are listed below – for up to date and detailed information, please refer to the Parent Portal.

Autumn 2021

Tuesday 7 September   TERM STARTS for all
Friday 22 October   Half Term begins
Monday 8 November   Half Term ends
Friday 17 December   End of Term

Spring 2022

Monday 10 January   TERM STARTS for all
Friday 11 February   Half Term begins
Monday 21 February   Half Term ends
Friday 25 March   End of Term

Summer 2022

Wednesday 20 April   TERM STARTS for all
Thursday 2 June – Sunday 5 June   Platinum Jubilee Holiday
Friday 10 June   Half Term begins
Monday 20 June   Half Term ends
Friday 8 July   End of Term

Autumn 2022

Thursday 1 September   Inset begins
Tuesday 6 September   Start term
Friday 21 October   Half term starts
Sunday 6 November   Half term ends
Friday 16 December   End of term

Spring 2023

Friday 6 January   Inset begins
Tuesday 10 January   Start term
Friday 10 February   Half term starts
Sunday 19 February   Half term ends
Friday 24 March   End of term
Sunday 9 April   Easter

Summer 2023

Monday 17 April   Inset begins
Monday 17 April   Inset begins
Tuesday 18 April   Start term
Monday 1 May   Bank Holiday
Monday 29 May   Bank Holiday
Friday 9 June   Half term start
Sunday 18 June   Half term end
Thursday 6 July   End of term (R-Y7)
Friday 7 July   End of term (Y8)
5 – 9 June   Common Entrance

Our on-site school uniform shop operates during the following hours: 

Monday: 8 – 9am
Wednesday: 3 – 4.30pm
Thursday: 8 – 9am

Please note, all new starters should book a private appointment for a full set of uniform. To book your appointment, contact cumnorshop.appointments@gmail.com or 01825 791 906. Uniform may also be purchased with free P&P from the Simmonds website:  www.simmonds-ltd.com.

On-Site School Shop contact: 01825 791 906    cumnorshop.appointments@gmail.com
Simmonds Customer Services: 01892 837 202   customerservice@simmonds-ltd.com

Cumnor House Sussex

Cumnor House Sussex, London Road, Danehill, Haywards Heath, Sussex, RH17 7HT

01825 790347


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