In November 2022, Cumnor House Sussex welcomed inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). The School was delighted to receive outstanding feedback for all aspects of its operations, including confirmation that it was fully compliant in all areas.

In addition to the Regulatory Compliance Inspection, the Educational Quality Inspection awarded us the highest possible score of ‘Excellent’ across both the quality of pupils’ achievements and personal development. The ISI team was highly complimentary about the quality of teaching and learning at Cumnor, reflecting best practice across all areas of the School.

Below are some of the key findings.

  • Throughout the school, pupils’ attitudes to learning are outstanding. They are enthusiastic, hard-working and highly productive in their individual work and in collaboration with others.
  • Pupils maintain an excellent rate of progress in mathematics and English throughout the school.
  • Pupils demonstrate outstanding speaking and listening skills, their reading is at a high level and they write fluently.
  • Pupils develop excellent skills in number, the wider aspects of mathematics and across the curriculum.
  • Pupils show exceptionally high levels of self-understanding and emotional maturity for their age.
  • Pupils appreciate strongly the non-material aspects of life; they reflect with maturity well beyond their age on the spiritual dimensions of humanity.
  • Pupils have an excellent moral understanding; they demonstrate kindness to one another, understanding the impact of their words and actions.
  • Pupils’ social awareness is excellent, contributing strongly to a positive, collaborative and supportive community.

I am delighted that all aspects of our educational provision are praised in this outstanding report. However, perhaps what is most striking, and what pleases me most, is just how much the children themselves are praised for their maturity, self-awareness, kindness and social understanding. They are, quite rightly, the stars of the show.
Fergus Llewellyn, Head

There were many positive findings in relation to other areas of School life, including the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, children’s welfare, health and safety, the quality of staff, facilities and accommodation, and the strength of the School’s governance and leadership.

The School also welcomed the two recommendations made by ISI, namely enhancing pupils’ learning through the development of their study skills, and deepening further our children’s understanding of diversity, other cultures and traditions.

We do hope you enjoy reading the report in full, please click here.