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Our Ethos

Cumnor is a community; more than that, it is a vast extended family.

To understand how Cumnor is different, it is simplest to go back to our motto ‘Aim High, Be Kind, Dare to be Different’.

We ‘aim high’ for every child. We expect parents to be ambitious for their children and we support that ambition. We want each child to be the best possible version of themselves, academically and socially. The school offers a breadth of curriculum delivered within a timetable that might see a 10-year-old bouncing from maths to music to Latin to swimming to design technology within a single morning. We believe, whilst resolute of the importance of literacy and numeracy, that all the subjects we teach are of similar importance and consequence. It may be that the confidence a child needs to progress academically may come from their love of swimming or drama; equally, the confidence that being a sound mathematician brings may be that which allows a child to dive into the pool or stand in the spotlight.

Secondly, nothing is more important to us at Cumnor than that the children should ‘be kind’ and considerate with one another. The core of our belief is that you should treat other people as you yourself wish to be treated. If a child feels warm, safe and happy then they are likely to be more relaxed in class and to learn more easily. A caring environment in which the children are surrounded by staff living up to the same ideals is the perfect starting point. Our unwavering commitment to promoting the positive mental health of our children and the individual support needed is something we are uniquely placed to do at Cumnor.

The final part of our motto, ‘dare to be different’, suggests that children should be prepared not to follow the crowd. We appreciate individuality and encourage children to be prepared to do what they feel is right rather than what they feel will please or amuse others around them. We also challenge the children to recognise that there are no stereotypes of perfection – everything that is done with conviction, enjoyment, endeavour and respect is to be valued.

Our motto, which sits at the heart of our School, a teaching environment and facilities that demand excellence and our unrivalled breadth of offer are what make Cumnor unique. Success, to us, is happy and confident children who are more likely to develop into rounded and thoughtful adults. At Cumnor House Sussex, the size of our school means we are well placed to make this our aim. We are focused on individuals and every child is known to us. We are trying to make the world a better place, one child at a time!

We look forward to welcoming you to the school and to helping you understand what we think education for a young child can be.

Fergus Llewellyn


Cumnor House Sussex

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