At Cumnor we make the education we offer an exciting, life-enhancing experience.

We support and expect our children to set themselves high targets to achieve their potential, but we try to ensure that these are gained without forcing the pace or narrowing the broad based education that we offer. Our goal is to equip children with the tools they need to tackle any problem head-on, to be empathetic and to communicate whole heartedly with others, both inside and outside the classroom. This is how we prepare children for senior school and beyond.

Our location and facilities support the broad nature of our curriculum and inspire a love of learning. In our state of the art new STEM building, The Peake, our Science teachers are building, exploring and experimenting to excite and challenge children about how the world around them works. We take children beyond the classroom with our extensive woodlands, ponds and meadows providing ample access for outdoor learning.

The arts, in the broadest sense, and sport have always been central to life at Cumnor rather than an adjunct to academic education. In terms of achievement this might seem self-evident: we have an exceptional record of scholarships. We highly value our reputation for Art and DT, Music, Drama and Sport, which we regard as central, not peripheral, aspects of the education we offer.

Our Learning Enhancement Department can offer support to any child at any stage of the school by way of one-to-one or in-class support. Located in its own building dubbed ‘The Treehouse’ and supported by a team of fully qualified specialist teachers, our aim is to support growth and learning in a safe and fun space. The LED is a key part of the Cumnor ‘team around the child’, which places a high priority on the needs of all children and puts each child at the centre of a graduated approach.

An exceptionally rich educational environment.