Cumnor House School 265 small_compressed Cumnor House School 263 small_compressedWhilst Cumnor can no longer describe itself as primarily a boarding school, it is firmly rooted in the boarding tradition. Our working day is long, not because we pressurise pupils but because there are opportunities a boarding school can offer that are beyond the scope of the normal day school. Our day children take little or no work home with them – prep is generally done at school – and on weekdays they miss out on few of the activities normally available to boarders.

“The best thing about boarding is……..Having the freedom and the space to develop your own character and friendships in a safe and secure environment- with a large dollop of fun added” – Christian Heinrich

Cumnor remains strongly committed to boarding, especially for children in their last two years. Most of our leavers go on to boarding schools, and boarding at Cumnor is an ideal preparation in the more sheltered and familial atmosphere that we can offer. It is an opening onto a host of new experiences, both in communal living and the particular opportunities we can offer at weekends. None of this is to suggest that boarding can or ever should be a substitute for family life and we believe that Cumnor’s fortnightly-boarding system offers the best of all worlds to children and parents alike.

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