Learning Enhancement

The Learning Enhancement Department at Cumnor House consists of a team of teachers skilled in delivering support to pupils who follow a broad prep school curriculum. A whole school approach is adopted at Cumnor House so that mainstream and specialist staff work together for the benefit of pupils with special educational needs. There is a shared responsibility for making the curriculum accessible to all pupils with special needs. Children are withdrawn from class for 1:1 or small group sessions at a time that is mutually suitable.

Early identification of any learning difficulties is important. If a child appears to have a specific learning difficulty and would benefit from continued further support, the parents are contacted and their permission is sought. We offer individual enhancement or help in a small group with a specialist teacher. If a child is identified with a learning difficulty an individual learning programme is set up. We assess all children to help us to see that children are making appropriate progress and to diagnose particular strengths and weaknesses. We are able to provide additional specialist help in the classroom so that children have extra support for their classwork across the curriculum. The class teacher and learning enhancement teacher work together on common targets, which the children understand they are aiming to achieve. The learning enhancement teacher also withdraws individuals for lessons with specific targets. Discussion of each child’s specific needs takes place formally in review meetings with the parents. Sometimes the special needs of a pupil have been identified prior to entry to the school and then provision is put in place from the onset and reviewed and monitored regularly.

Our learning enhancement team includes the specialist services of a qualified, experienced Educational Psychologist (Kate Levy) who comes into school each week to work with children and teachers. A Speech and Language therapist provides specialist assessments and liaison with the school staff and parents for those children who have specific language difficulties. An Occupational Therapist works regularly with children needing support with sensory integration and motor skills. Assessments for exam concessions are done at the school, using an outside Educational Psychologist who visits the school each term, providing immediate feedback to parents on the day.

The department is fully integrated into the school and consists of a suite of designated rooms. It has an open door policy and children are encouraged to come for help when they need it. Teaching programmes are used to train and develop phonological awareness, motor skills, listening and memory skills. The programmes also target comprehension, reading, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, organization and numeracy. The teaching rooms are well resourced with computers and a range of multi-sensory programmes to support learning. We work in partnership with the children to develop their self esteem and help them to achieve their potential.

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