Pastoral Care

We are justly proud of our outstanding pastoral care and wellbeing focus which underpins the ethos of our school – putting children first.

It is well known that a happy, content child will be in the best possible place to reach his or her full potential in all aspects of school life and at Cumnor, a child’s wellbeing is equally as important as their academic progress. Cumnor’s ‘team around the child’ provides a consistent approach with staff and pupils, from the Headmaster to our Prefects, ensuring the wellbeing of all those within the school and offering an open door and friendly face to whom a child can turn if they need.

We believe that pastoral care is a partnership between parents and the school and we promote a strong sense of community. Children are encouraged to take an active role in ensuring the school functions smoothly and happily – our approach of putting children first and our unique wellbeing curriculum means they feel equipped to speak openly and confidently about any concerns, take on responsibility and make a positive contribution. We also value parental interest and parents are closely involved in the school from coffee after drop-off in the Bistro, attending matches or concerts to parents’ evenings and regular social events.

House & Tutor System

The House and Tutor system are the principal way in which pastoral care is delivered at Cumnor.

Both the Pre-Prep and Prep school pupils are allocated to one of four houses on joining the school – Blues, Whites, Reds and Blacks. Creating a real spirit of camaraderie, each pupil supports their house by collecting house points that are awarded for achievement, kindness and good behaviour as well as actively participating in regular House competitions throughout the year. Each House has a ‘House Captain’ and dedicated members of staff affiliated to each House to help guide children in their efforts to work hard, play hard and support one another.

In Years 3-5, Form Teachers have responsibility for a child’s welfare . At the end of Year 5, every child is assigned a House Tutor with whom they have weekly Tutor time as well as ‘drop-in’ sessions to support with academic progress and wellbeing both at home and at school. In Years 7 and 8 children get to choose their own Tutor. Both of these systems are incredibly valuable and underpin the core ethos of the school – putting children first.

We truly feel we couldn’t have chosen a better school for our children.

Current Parent