Pastoral Care

At Cumnor, we believe passionately that what makes us stand out as a school community is the collective will to bring out the very best in each and every child in our care. Pastoral care is right at the heart of a Cumnor education, seeking out a child’s individual spark and being attentive in helping it burn brightly as they grow.  

As part of this journey, we also acknowledge that there will be bumps along the way and sometimes pupils, teachers and parents need signposting as to how best to navigate these. The initiatives detailed in ‘The Next Chapter’ (The Cumnor Holistic Approach to Pastoral Thinking and Emotional Resilience) set out a number of additional tools designed to complement the work already undertaken by tutors, form takers, in assemblies and by all teachers across the curriculum. To that end, we have enhanced pastoral care at Cumnor and brought these different strands together under the ‘Chapter Programme’, including:

  • The Wellbeing Hub, which provides a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing by offering support and guidance for every parent, pupil and member of staff.
  • ‘Cumnor Conversations’ to support pupils, teachers and parents through an annual calendar of events and external speakers.
  • An Emotional Literacy Support Assistant practitioner to support children in the development of their emotional literacy.
  • AS Tracking to support proactive, targeted and evidence based pastoral care.
  • Introducing a new PSHE curriculum, Jigsaw, alongside our existing iSpace Wellbeing lessons from Reception to Year 8. Cumnor led the way as the first school to introduce iSpace Wellbeing, an exciting and child friendly approach to children’s wellbeing education, leading to us being voted ‘Best for Innovation’ by The Week Independent Schools Guide 2021. But we haven’t stopped there and continually look to support new innovations in wellbeing.

We truly feel we couldn’t have chosen a better school for our children.

Current Parent