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Headmaster’s Welcome

In my first year here as Headmaster, I was often asked what it was that first attracted us to Cumnor House Sussex, moving our family 4,500 miles from our beautiful life in Kenya. There are many answers to that question: the great reputation, the fabulous teaching and learning, the breadth of educational provision, the impressive facilities, the idyllic setting – these were all enticing factors.

Yet what mattered most to Tamsyn and me was simply the question all parents ask themselves: ‘Would my child be happy and thrive here?’

It only took a couple of days for us to know we had made the right decision for all three of our children.

Cumnor is a School that lives by its motto of Aim High, Be Kind and Dare to be Different. It places the child at the centre of all it does, looking each day to help them become the very best version of themselves, in whatever area that might be. It aims to strike the balance between the modern and the traditional. It looks to include every member of its community, from the Nursery child through to its parents. It wants its children to be happy and to thrive.

After all, at the heart of Cumnor is its heart.

If you have yet to visit Cumnor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Tamsyn and I would love to welcome you to this very special school, and give you a flavour of what it was that attracted us to it.

Fergus Llewellyn