Freshly prepared, nutritious and seasonal, Cumnor’s fantastic catering team are passionate about food and are dedicated to making food fun.

Catering is provided by the award-winning company Holroyd Howe who work exclusively with independent schools and in partnership with us to ensure individual dietary requirements and allergies are fully accommodated. Our daily, nutritionally balanced menu is available for parents to see and children are actively involved in menu planning. Food is a vital part of daily life and as well as sustaining our busy children, we also support learning with specialist sports nutrition talks, themed meals aligned with term topics and regular Q&As with parents.

Mindful of sustainable sourcing and preparation, Holroyd Howe’s Future Proof Food initiative  is a different way of using ingredients innovatively and experimenting with cooking to enhance the offer as well as increase the nutritional benefit. It focuses on including everyone, with great tasting food. It’s not just about reducing meat consumption, it’s a balanced rounded approach, looking at increasing sustainable protein consumption, reducing food waste and using more local and seasonal produce. 

The food is amazing; I think everyone can agree with that! Every day we have something different to look forward to.

Current Pupil