Dance reflects the exuberant spirit of the children at Cumnor.

Currently, 120 boys and girls from every year group elect to attend weekly dance classes. Cumnor offers RAD Ballet syllabus and Modern Jazz classes, incorporating musical theatre and more contemporary styles.

As well as weekly dance classes, all children are given the chance to dance; through daily “Wake and Shake” in pre-prep, choreography occupations and a variety of dance workshops run by visiting dance teachers. Cumnor also takes students to attend and perform in dance workshops elsewhere such as the Rambert Dance day, hosted by Eastbourne College.

Cumnor boasts many successes with recent past pupils gaining dance scholarships to Tring Park and Wellington College, performing with the English Youth Ballet and at the RAD Awards at Brighton College. Many other students continue dance at their next school – equipped to make the most of the dance opportunities at the next educational level.

Teaching staff at Cumnor passionately believe in dance as a life skill; to build creativity, expression, self-confidence, musicality and a positive body image. The rigours of training in dance teaches a discipline in body, mind and group-interaction. These skills remain for life.

As Albert Einstein said, “Dancers are the athletes of God”


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