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Cumnor House Sussex seeks the best in, and for, each individual child as we help shape their values for life beyond school.

The mental health, wellbeing and happiness of our children is at the core of this ethos and why we led the way as the UK’s first school to introduce a unique curriculum called ‘iSpace Wellbeing’; an exciting, child-friendly approach to children’s wellbeing education.

We are thrilled to announce that we have been nominated for the Student Wellbeing Award at the Independent School of the Year Awards 2020. We await to hear the results in October!

Developed by Paula Talman, the School’s Director of Compliance, Health & Welfare, our wellbeing curriculum offers a language and toolkit to help children, teachers and parents start the conversation about mental health. iSpace which stands for ‘I stop, I pause, I calm everything’ is themed around a galaxy of planets and is built on three core beliefs about what an effective wellbeing curriculum needs to be – preventative, consistent and fun to teach and learn. This approach aims to enhance confidence, capability and creativity and to boost emotional intelligence, resilience and self-worth. Our children are taught that it is ‘okay’ not to feel okay, and that talking about our emotions can help us to become more resourceful and overcome challenges.

iSpace is incorporated into the daily routine for all children from Nursery to Year 6, supported by a staff Wellbeing Team and Ambassador Awards for those children showing a keen interest in wellbeing lessons and putting their learning into practice.

The success of iSpace, which is now being adopted in schools across Sussex, Surrey and London has swiftly been followed by #iWonder, which has recently been introduced for Years 7 and 8 pupils, helping teens to understand their emotional, physical, social and mental health.

The tools, language and life skills that the children are learning will provide a strong foundation for the challenges ahead.

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